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Ladder gas prices are coming, helping the smart gas meter market to develop rapidly

Issuing time:2021-04-28 16:27

In thelevel of largescale promotion of new urbanization construction, as a new reason to pull the salt city construction along the nearly two years by the name of the government stupid add technology moment hui city high development has risen to a strategic height. As a municipal public service ", in the case of not affecting ~ gas, to achieve "machine replacement", with "smart table" to achieve remote meter reading.

How is a smart gas meter "smart"?

With the improvement of people's living standard and quality of life, the requirements of intelligent products needed by modern families will promote the development of intelligent burning table in the direction of ~ reliability, intelligent convenience and so on. At present, domestic smart gas meters mainly include IC card smart gas meter, C Pl J smart gas meter, RADIO frequency smart gas meter, direct reading remote gas meter (wired remote gas meter) and wireless remote gas meter, etc.

Intelligent gas meter has the function of automatic charging. For each card between household and meter, the user will pay the fee to the charging unit, and the charging unit will write the purchased gas into the IC card. The user will input the information in the IC card into the intelligent gas meter, and the intelligent gas meter will automatically open the valve to supply gas. In the process of using the gas, the microcomputer in the intelligent gas will automatically reduce the remaining gas. When the purchased gas is exhausted, the intelligent gas meter will automatically close the valve and cut off the gas. The user needs to buy gas again to open the valve for gas supply.

In addition, IC card can also record the operation of intelligent fuel meter, in the management machine or management software will be the total consumption of the table, total purchase, open (valve state and other information for management. The intelligent gas meter with leakage alarm function can monitor indoor combustible gas leakage. When indoor gas leakage occurs, the combustible gas detector in the meter will give sound and light prompt, and the LCD screen of the intelligent gas meter will display alarm information and automatically close the valve.

Xiaobian summarizes that the advantages of smart gas meter are as follows:

1, can improve management efficiency;

Ladder gas price to help intelligent combustion

2, can effectively prevent card arrears, avoid door-to-door meter reading;

3. Realize gas saving.

Stepped-gas price helps smart gas meter Market Develop Rapidly. Stepped-gas price puts forward higher requirements for natural gas metering methods, and a blue ocean market of 60 billion yuan of golden smart gas meter is about to open. It is worth looking forward to in the industry!

In March 2014, * National Development and Reform Commission issued the Guiding Opinions on Establishing and Improving the Ladder Gas Price System for Residential Use, and then the ladder gas price system was gradually rolled out in many aspects of the city. According to statistics, by the end of 2015, 34 of China's 36 large and medium-sized cities had pipeline gas, and 29 of them had implemented or were about to implement the tiered gas pricing system, accounting for 83% of the total. Fifteen cities at the subprovincial level have opened pipeline gas, of which 13 have implemented or will implement ladder gas pricing system, the implementation rate of 87%.

In April 2014, * The National Development and Reform Commission issued the notice "Several Opinions on the Longterm Mechanism for Ensuring the Stable supply of Natural Gas", which made it clear that China will establish a longterm mechanism for ensuring the stable supply of natural gas, increase the supply of natural gas, and strive to achieve 420 billion cubic meters of natural gas supply capacity by 2020.

Under the continuous implementation of the first policy, the gradual transformation of the traditional gas meter to the visible fuel meter, to promote the rapid growth of the demand for intelligent fuel meter to provide a market

Field. In recent years, the growth momentum of smart gas meters is stable in China. In the past five years, the growth rate of gas meter demand is about 20%, while the increment of smart gas meter demand is approximately 28%.

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