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The heads of the three major oil companies made positive comments. Shanghai Petroleum Natural Calibr

Issuing time:2021-04-28 16:32

"The official operation of the trading center will be a strong grasp for the implementation of China's oil and gas market reform policy." Wang Yilin, chairman of China National Petroleum Corporation, said the trading center, as a fair, impartial and open trading platform, can truly reflect the seasonal and regional characteristics of China's natural gas consumption. To find the market value of natural gas, solve the contradiction between supply and demand and stabilize the market supply through market means is conducive to actively respond to the fact that China's foreign dependence on natural gas keeps rising, and effectively play the buyer advantage of large natural gas consumers.

Wang Yilin said that in the future, CNPC will gradually expand the online trading of gas, fully support the trading center to carry out natural gas futures business as soon as possible. "Building a fair, just, open and standardized oil and gas trading center in China, strengthening the need for energy cooperation, which is of great significance for ensuring energy and promoting economic and social development." "Said Wang Yupu, chairman of China Petrochemical Corporation. Since the trial operation of the trading center for more than a year, the influence of the industry has initially emerged." Yang Hua, chairman of China National Offshore Oil Corporation, said, "The official operation of the trading center marks a major breakthrough in China's establishment of a first-class natural gas trading market.

With major progress made in China's oil and gas price reform in the energy sector, the market has increased its role in determining prices, with 80 percent of the country's gas prices being dominated by the market, said Xu Shaoshi, head of the National Development and Reform Commission. The construction of the trading center is not only an important achievement of the oil and gas price market reform, but also an important support for deepening the reform.

The trading center will be settled in Shanghai, which will further gather the factor market in Shanghai. Yang Xiong, mayor of Shanghai, said that the official operation of the trading center will help enhance the influence of Shanghai's energy factor market and accelerate the construction of the "four centers" and the pilot free trade zone in Shanghai, which is of great significance. "The construction of the trading center is an important measure to coordinate and serve the energy price reform." CAI Mingzhao, president of Xinhua News Agency, said, "Xinhua Actively participates in the construction of the trading center to obtain timely, powerful and multi-faceted oil and natural trade information and provide energy information services with rich experience to better promote the healthy and orderly development of China's energy market."

"* NDRC will continue to support the development of the trading center. We hope that the three major oil companies and downstream users will actively participate in the trading and promote the formation of a more representative,

More influential trading prices and a greater role for trading centers." Xu shaoshi said.

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