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The first ship purchased natural gas caofeidian unloading 9 hours can be transported to Beijing

Issuing time:2021-04-28 16:33

This winter heating, in order to improve the supply of natural gas, the development of "mobile gas storage", - once there is a shortage of gas supply, the gas ship on the sea can dock to unload gas.

On November 28The first shipment of 90 million cubic meters of natural gas purchased by Municipal Gas Group was unloaded at Caofeidian Wharf in Tangshan, China. It is understood that this winter, the city gas group from the French company procurement

A total of 900 million cubic meters of LNG (liquefied natural gas) will be shipped on a "4+6" basis, with six ships unloaded on demand and four acting as" mobile gas stores ".

Four unloading arms of the 293-meter-long Covado, loaded with liquefied natural gas (LNG) at minus 162 degrees Celsius, lean at the Caofeidian LNG terminal on November 28

As the low temperature of the LNG makes a thick layer of frost on the outer side of the unloading arm, water flows under the side of the ship, and liquid flows can be heard in the pipeline

The sound of movement. "The LNG is transported to a storage tank 1,900 meters away through unloading arms, and then injected into the Shan-Beijing pipeline network through a series of gasification processes

It will be delivered 300 kilometers away to Beijing in nine hours." Peng Chao, process engineer at the production and operation center of PETROCHINA Tangshan LNG Terminal, said, "The water tip of the hull will play a role

The liquefied gas that escaped was vaporized immediately to prevent damage to the ship. The range of the four red fire cannons on the side is enough to cover the hull of a larger ship, enough to ensure the discharge of air

It will take 12 to 14 hours for the 90 million cubic meters of gas on board the Corvado, equivalent to an average day's gas output in Beijing, to be completely unloaded, it said

Gas use. In fact, the Corvado was already in port on November 20, waiting to be unloaded based on Beijing's gas consumption. City gas group deputy general manager Gao Shunli

A total of 10 cargoes of LIQUEFIED natural gas, totaling 900 million cubic meters, were purchased this winter, it said. At the same time, the "4+6" mode is adopted, in which 6 ships are unloaded at any time, and 4 ships act as" mobile gas"

In case of gas fluctuations, it will be replenished.

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