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LNG emergency gas supply system


Brief introduction to the process

In the process of urban natural gas supply, it is common to encounter the rescue and maintenance of natural gas pipeline. The adoption of emergency natural gas supply device can effectively reduce the occurrence of gas shutdown accidents in the process of rescue and repair, and ensure the uninterrupted use of gas by users. Small LNG gasification station system is made up of LNG access, gasification, regulating many parts, measuring, and smelly, LNG receiving entry can be connected at the same time two groups of LNG cryogenic cylinder supply liquefied natural gas (or small LNG cryogenic storage tank), LNG by vaporization carburetor air temperature, first at low temperature electric heating water bath type into the carburetor to hot, Then the pressure is regulated by the voltage regulator to the required pressure of the pipe network, which is measured by the flowmeter, and then input into the pipe network for gas supply after odorization. The unit has all the functions of a stationary LNG supply station, greatly saving money and floor space. It is flexible to use and is usually used as a temporary or emergency gas supply station.

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